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Liste des publications

Les publications présentées ici sont les principales publications du laboratoire.
année, auteur(s)
Instabilité non linéaire dans un milieu en expansion
2006, Henon Florent; Pavlov Vadim
Comptes Rendus Mécanique
Interfacial indentation and shear tests to determine the adhesion of thermal spray coatings
2006, Marot Guillaume; Lesage Jacky; Demarécaux P.; Hadad Mousab; Siegmann S.; Staia M.H.
Surface and Coatings Technology
Internal structure and dynamics of sheet cavitation
2006, Coutier Delgosha Olivier; Devillers Jean-François; Pichon Thierry; Vabre Alexandre; Woo Romuald; Legoupil Samuel
Physics of Fluids
Macroscopic properties of an orthotropic elastic medium containing arbitrarily oriented cracks: application to damage
2006, Gruescu Ion-Cosmin; Monchiet Vincent; Kondo Djimédo
Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica
Magnetically actuated microvalve for active flow control
2006, Ducloux Olivier; Talbi Abdelkrim; Deblock Yves; Gimeno Laetitia; Tiercelin Nicolas; Pernod Philippe; Preobrazhensky Vladimirr L.; Merlen Alain
Journal of Physics: Conference series
Measurement of residual stress in thermal spray coatings by the incremental hole drilling method
2006, Santana-Mendez Yucelys; La Barbera-Sosa José; Staia M.H.; Lesage Jacky; Puchi-Cabrera E.S.; Chicot Didier; Bemporad Edoardo
Surface and Coatings Technology
Micromechanical study of damage growth and permeability variation in brittle rocks
2006, Zhou Jianjun; Shao Jian-Fu; Lydzba Dariusz
Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica
Modeling of anisotropic damage and creep deformation in brittle rocks
2006, Shao Jian-Fu; Chau K.T.; Feng X.T.
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
Modelling of deformation response and chemo-mechanical coupling in chalk
2006, Pietruszczak S.; Lydzba Dariusz; Shao Jian-Fu
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
Multi axial fatigue IN welded components
2006, Wu Bo; Zakrzewski D.; Robin C.; Mesmacque Gerard; Decoopman Xavier
International Institute of Welding
Multiaxial fatigue and failure analysis of helical compression springs
2006, Del Llano-Vizcaya L.; Rubio-Gonzalez C.; Mesmacque Gerard; Cervantes-Hernandez T.
Engineering Failure Analysis
Multiscale approach to the behaviour and damage of the heterogeneous elastic–viscoplastic materials
2006, Benseddiq Noureddine; Belayachi-Belaiche Naïma; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa
Theorical and Applied Fracture Mechanics
NonLinearly Elastic Membrane Model For Heterogeneous Shells by Using a New Double Scale Variational Formulation: A Formal Asymptotic Approach
2006, Pruchnicki Erick
Journal of Elasticity
Numerical investigation on equal channel angular extrusion process of polymers
2006, Aour B.; Zaïri Fahmi; Gloaguen Jean-Michel; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Lefebvre Jean-Marc
Computational Materials Science
Numerical modelling of elastic–viscoplastic equal channel angular extrusion process of a polymer
2006, Zaïri Fahmi; Aour B.; Gloaguen Jean-Michel; Naït Abdelaziz Moussa; Lefebvre Jean-Marc
Computational Materials Science
Numerical Simulation of viscoelastic flows with Oldroyd-B constitutive equations and novel algebraic stress models
2006, Thais Laurent; Helin Lionel; Mompean Gilmar
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
Observation and modeling of the anisotropic visco-hyperelastic behavior of a rubberlike material
2006, Diani Julie; Brieu Mathias; Gilormini Pierre
International Journal of Solids and Structures
On the cyclic softening behavior of SAF 2507 duplex stainless steel
2006, Alvarez-Armas Iris; Marinelli Maria-Cecilia; Herenu S.; Degallaix Suzanne; Armas Alberto Franklin
Acta Materialia
Optical PIV and LDV Comparisons of Internal Flow Investigations in SHF Impeller
2006, Wuibaut Guillaume; Bois Gérard; El Hajem M.; Akhras A.; Champagne J.Y.
International Journal of Rotating Machinery
Paraxial theory of supercritical wave phase conjugation in a realistic magnetoacoustic conjugator
2006, Merlen Alain; Zhang Qi
Applied Physics Letters